Nova Scotia Documentary Photography | D & E’s Intimate Motherhood Session

Intimate motherhood sessions have been a dream of mine since I began nursing my little guy. There were so many images I wanted of us, but they just weren’t possible. Skin on skin in general was very important for me and my son. Having been born 9 weeks early, kangaroo care was one of our most recommended things in the NICU for us to do to bond. We did this day in and out for hours and hours until my back got so sore I had to lie down. But it was so special. I cried happy and sad tears cuddling him for up to 8 hours straight and then taking only 30 min. breaks to eat and pee. But that time together was just the beginning of the special bond we have today. 


So for my newest session, I had a vision! And my hubby, he tried to get these images for me and my guy, but they just weren’t perfect. So, I knew I wanted to offer these shots to other mums since I knew how special they would be to me. I spent the winter tearing down the playroom (sorry W!) and creating a work space that could double as a spot to hold these very special sessions. Mission accomplished (I think lol!). I am absolutely love these! I hope these capture the special bond between mom and baby. These cuddle sessions aren’t just for nursing babes, but for any fed babe, and the skin on skin is an important factor.  


Thanks to this mum for being one of my first subjects. It means the world to me <3!


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