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When I was a little girl I dreamed of being an artist. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be led here, that is, until my son was born. My whole perspective on life changed and my passion drove me to build this amazing business and gave me a lifetime of experiences. Now I live to capture not only our moments, but the big and small moments of so many others. 

Born in the UK and growing up in Toronto, life took a crazy turn and we ended up in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Studying business management, fashion deisgn and photography in University, college, and so many other courses, photography became my full time career when my little guy came along. Travelling has always been inportant to me and continues to give my photography fresh breaths of life. I now continue to travel all over Nova Scotia to be welcomed into clients home to capture all of life's occasions. 

I am an artist, storyteller, traveller, wife and best of all, mom. I would love to photograph your moments and loved ones and capture memories that I have been able to capture for us. 

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From the time you fall in love, to the time your house is filled with that laughter of your grandbabies, we are there to capture all of it. We aim to capture raw emotion and interactions. Everyday life, not forced scenarios. We pride ourselves on bringing you your life presented beautifully and timelessly so you can look back for the rest of your lives at every milestone that would have otherwise been missed. Our favourite moments include capturing first laughs, first steps, and first meetings with loved ones. We value the importance of preserving yours and our very own memories with love and care. 

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