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Sometimes in life you just click with certain people. Sometimes because of interests and sometimes because of past experiences. For Carla and I, we were automatically drawn together by random selection when it came to our children. My son, due mid May 2013, decided to make his entrance 2 months prior in March in Halifax. Rowyn, due mid May, 2013 as well, was born just shy of her due date in Toronto (where I am from no less). Both kids surprised their families being born with Trachea-Esophageal Fistula, Esophageal Atresia. Different surgeons, different methods of surgery, but both have exceeded their specialists expectations. On Facebook, there is an online community for TEF/EA parents. This is a condition or birth defect that only affects 1/4500 births, so parents are always looking for answers or similar cases to void the loneliness of the condition and figure out how to help their children and make their lives easier and less painful. Us as parents sometimes feel helpless, for these guys are never truly cured from their condition and experience many associated complications that can leave us with more questions than answers.

I met Carla first there in that forum. And of all the chances, we were both photographers. From then on, we randomly talked about our kids, their condition, and of course, photography. We have bonded the past couple of years into more than just random Facebook acquaintances and into lifelong friends, especially as she and her family moved back to NS. Watching our kids meet and play together brings me so much joy, I literally get tears welling up in my eyes because to know they will always have someone around who knows exactly how they feel and that means more than worse can express.

When Carla approached me to do her family’s photos for the year, I was thrilled (and nervous!). I knew I had an opportunity to play around, learn from each other and gives us an excuse to hang out! With a new daughter and her husband in tow, it was an exciting and entertaining chaos and her youngest, Ciara, seriously stole the show with her insane spunk! It is so nice to see a family who has had some rougher times come onto the other side with nothing but immense love and pure friendship.  Thanks guys for allowing me into your lives, both in front of the lens and behind <3.




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