Newfoundland Trip | Part 2

I think I’m just going to start up where we left off last.

We were now in our second night in Newfoundland after our first full day of exploring and safely settled after a long ferry ride in a small cottage in Gros Morne National Park.

We woke up in the dead of night, around midnight, after our first full day in Newfoundland to the sound of our son having a really hard time breathing. He had been hospitalized the month prior for suspected asthma attack, or pneumonia, or honestly, we never got solid answers. We had been given the ok to travel, but at this point, we regretted travelling immensely. We panicked. W was getting worse and worse the more he got upset and the nearest hospital was an hour away. 

Well I won’t go into it in crazy detail, but after 2.5 hours, one hospital being closed and one near accident with a moose, we landed in an ER with a really great doctor in the northern part of Gros Morne. He treated W by listening to us and with what had worked in past with him before. He kept us there until morning because of the moose issues (go figure). We went back to our cottage and slept for the morning. Once we woke up from our naps, we headed to a 50’s styled soda shop. We all enjoyed some much needed comfort food and then toured the area – via car. No more hiking for us lol. 

The next day, we aimed to hit the road for St. John’s early on in the day so that we could make it there in enough time to enjoy our evening. W and I took and quick mini hike through the woods behind our cottage to see the waterfalls. I couldn’t get a good picture of the falls, but the colours of the lush green forest and a giggly kid outdoors were well worth the trip….and the tantrum that followed when we said we were leaving :/. 

All in all, our trip to Gros Morne was good, mostly, but short. We want to go again soon! But next time, we will focus on camping and cottaging when the weather is nicer (earlier in the season) and we will stay longer. We have also just discovered the reason behind W’s “flare ups”, but I’ll save that for another day, but now we have a treatment plan to make travelling a lot easier and less stressful! We can’t wait until the day we go back and tour some more! Now off to St. John’s….


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