Oh my gosh! I cannot believe I am posting this and it has been just over a whole year now since we’ve been back! I HAVE to get this series done before this summers end so that I can post about all of these adventures from summer 2016! This is totally what happens when you are a photographer. Your own photos keep getting pushed back, but I will keep editing these and let’s just pretend it wasn’t that long ago LOL.

On Day 7, we took a trip along Slea Head Drive. This was one of our favourite drives to do in Ireland because it is just so breathtakingly beautiful….and very entertaining! Driving in Ireland is a pretty funny and nerve-wracking experience. A lot of roads are really only suited for one vehicle, and some of the times you are literally on a cliff trying to squeeze two cars going opposite directions with little to no barrier. And hey, there’s usually a sheep just hanging out beside you during these intense moments, where you are basically keeping eye contact with the road and this complete stranger at the same time that you have meet/almost ran into on the road. Some are laughing right along with you, and others are swearing ferociously. It’s seriously so entertaining as the passenger, I can’t even begin to tell you.

We always make sure we stopped at the Famine cottages that are still standing, which of course were a sight to see. The properties hung onto the cliffs, but little W made it up the hills no problem (with minor fuss lol). Still surrounded by animals, which were the kindest creatures and obviously loved the all of the attention from the tourists. There were a few behave huts as well, some even dating back to the 12th century!

How bad is this, but I can’t even recall the name of the beach we went to! Looking at a map now, the name seems to be Coumeenoole Beach and it. was. breath. taking. It was cold and kind of rainy, but just stunning and Wes was able to stretch his legs and made lots of tourists laugh at how excited he was to see the water! I think I’ve mentioned before that you could totally tell he was definitely a Nova Scotia babe. All in all though, he was becoming such a good traveller at this point and such a good little passenger during all of these trips! I can’t rave enough. We had pretty low expectations for a 2 year old, but he exceeded them all and then some!

So I think it’s time to be real and honest about why editing these have been a chore for me and have taken over a year to complete. Last year on our trip, we found out we were pregnant with number 2. Not on this day, but a day or two after this day (however, I pretty well knew at this point). We were thrilled, yet terrified, but more than anything, we were so excited. It had been the most completely stressless thing for us this time around. It was such a happy time. It kind of took over our trip in a sense. I was exhausted and focused on this new being and we forfeited a lot of late nights and Ireland fun for our new little bean. However, just over a month of being home from Ireland, we heard the news we dreaded and feared. There was no heartbeat. Our lives were shattered.

I was really torn about including this in our Ireland series, but I literally dreaded editing these, knowing that part of this trips happiness would go unnoticed. It was such a big part of it for us. We found out were were pregnant with W not even a month after our first Ireland trip, so finding out about number two on our second trip was just a big fairytale for us. Since then, I won’t lie, it’s been hard. After a couple of months of rescheduling clients, and pushing through, photography once again became my saving grace. I have done a lot of healing, and really, editing these images have been the most healing of all. With each day completed, I am slowly moving forward. But, at least now I feel free and hopefully we can continue moving forward and other little ones enter our lives very soon. For those who have suffered from miscarriages, multiple miscarriages, or infertility, know you are not alone and I am sending so much love your way.

So here are some images from Day 7 :).

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