Nova Scotia Fresh 48 Photographer | Welcome Baby “O”

About a little over a year ago, maybe more (time is going by way too fast and I’m loosing all sense of it, I met this amazing family. They had the same vision as me….capture whatever happens and them as a family unit.

I still remember our first session at the park. Sometimes, I get in the moment and that, mixed with my extreme clumsiness, I can really hurt myself and even worse, completely embarrass myself! We were at the ponds edge…everything was perfect and WHOOPS! I fell so hard on my hip I had to bite my lip to stop for cursing or crying. Of course I played it off cool, I was working! But this is where something really amazing happened. Their little guy at just a year old, could tell I had hurt myself even though I did a really good job of hiding it. He looked so concerned at me for the remainder of his session. Even when the giggles came, he would constantly look for me and give me a concerned look and go back to giggling with mom or dad. It’s amazing how at such a young age I can read what kind of soul they have. I knew this little guy had a gentle, kind and compassionate soul and so when I shoot, I look to capture this. And I think we did just that. Those eyes, so piercing. He was right, by the way, I had muscle bruising for months from that fall LOL but the images are so worth it…they always are!!! Usually the clumsier I can be, it just means I’m more into the session and in the moment that I forget I have two left feet ha!

When mom contacted me for a fresh 48 session of their newest addition, I was so excited because a) I love this family but motsly because b), I get to see that same caring little guy become a big brother. How special is that!? And it didn’t disappoint. Our session wasn’t held in the hospital because mom was a serious pro and with the help of the midwife, barely spent a few hours post birth in the hospital. She ran to the door to greet me only on day two of her new little guys life and even though big brother had met his little bro before, she told me every time he would see him, it was as if it was the first. So that’s what we did. We set up and waited for him to greet his little brother. It was adorable. Tears in my eyes. Days like these for me, make running a crazy small business so worth it. These memories y’all….if you don’t hire me, hire someone. Anyone. Memories fade but photographs last forever (and print print print!!!).



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