Newfoundland Trip | Part 1

If you’ve followed along our previous travel journeys, then welcome back! If this is your first time following along, then welcome!

Every year we usually go somewheree for a big family vacation with my side of the family. This year, we decided that we would all venture out Newfoundland way. My husband and I had an even better idea, we were going to drive to St. Johns, where we would meet my family, and then drive back to NS. We knew it would be long and at times difficult, but the positives outweighed the negatives. So, much like our Ireland trip, we had toddler in tow. Now 3, he is a pretty well travelled babe. My hubs and I road-tripped all of the time before our little guy came into the picture so we felt it was way overdue for a good long road trip, foregoing the plane ride, which was originally the plan.

The first couple of days were HARD. I can’t even put this lightly. We tried and tried to make the best of it, but I was not feeling well and Weston, even moreso, wasn’t feeling well either. We left shortly after a hospital stay for him, only because we weren’t travelling out of the country this year and doctor gave us the OK. Instead of esophageal issues these days, were are finding his trachea to be giving us lots of grief, so even a common cold would make his trachea go all floppy and troublesome. Well, the ferry ride turned out to be a grumpy and sick baby disaster. Sleepy on one of us or crying/whining the entire trip (a whole 7 hour ferry ride after a 3.5 hour drive)…we were praying that this wasn’t foreshadowing the remainder of the trip. After a long long day, we made it to our first stop, and then onto Gros Morne National Park, where we planned to stay the for next few days.

W remained tired and grumpy the next day, but we decided that despite the cooler wet weather, we were going to do one hike if our lives depended on it! We had a bunch of hikes planned, but the weather was against us in every way, and wouldn’t help our poor little sick boy any. We opted instead to just do the Tablelands trek, a short trail, and it didn’t let us down! It was absolutely stunning and made for a great couple of hours despite the chilly-ness. We basically felt like we had stepped onto a scene with dinosaurs. W ran around for a bit, but it wasn’t long until he tired out and once again resided to his carrier, which has been a lifesaver since the NICU.

To top off the day, we splurged and ate a lot in a little attic restaurant with barrels for seats, homemade wooden toys and amazing surf and turf. W finally showed us his sweet side once again, and we thought our trip was beginning to turn a new leaf.

Little did we know that night would be not be our most favourite night ever… 



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